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Computer Tomorrow

Cover Stories


  Unicode And Bangla Computing (Simplified version of Cover Story Unicode)


Sub-Cover Stories


  Avro : First Free UNICODE based Bangla Keyboard for Windows
  BSwing : Reusable Bangla Library for Java Swing

  Technical Details of Game Development




  Ahmed Chami, Regional Marketing Manager, Microsoft Corporation.


Special Features


  Gates Foundation - In Search of a New World

  World Towards Open Source - We Should Move Now

  Plundered Bangla - What We Should Do

  Postmortem 2002 - IT in Bangladesh


Insvestigative Reports


  In the Era of IT - Whats the Scenerio of Bangladesh?
  Cheating in the name of 'Broadband'


Reports on Events


  BCS Computer Show 2003


Career based Reporting


  Career Harresment - Nothing BUT Enrollment!
  Virtual University - First Successful Project on dotNET in Bangladesh

  Zahirul - The Creator of His Little Ocean




  3D API - The Core of 3D Graphics
  Portable Document Format - A troublefree File Format

  Seven Young's TRIMATRIK

  Lab Report - Cinema 4D EL 8


Inside Technology


  Broadband Internet Technology

  USB : An Express Way for PC Data Communication


Tomorrow's Technology


  CELL : Super Computer in a Chip


Internet Tomorrow


  Internet Telephone

  Opera : The Fastest Browser on Earth


Business Tomorrow


  IT Enabled Services

  5 Symptom to Detect Problem in Project Development


Tips & Tricks


  Keep Your PC Tip-Top


Science Fiction


  Project Deep Freeze : Intruder



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