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Non-Technical Presentation

Group Theme
Presentation Topic
Grade (%)
Sem#1 at NIIT
“Microsoft Corporation was among the first PC software companies, and remains one vision of the most successful survivors from the earliest directions and trends days of desktop computing.” Study this statement from the given five angels, and account for this position of dominance.

Operating Systems
Position: 3rd Speaker

& Group Leader

Sem#2 at NIIT
The aim is to study the various parameters that account for the phenomenally fast growth of the IT industry in the country. This growth obviously has many dimensions to it – imports, exports, hardware, software, computer applications, government policies, profitability, growth management, education and training, programming and development skills, infrastructure, etc. Your group is asked to identify the leading five parameters, in order of priorities that can account for this growth – and how they jointly account for the overall growth.

Position: 1st Speaker
& Group Leader

Sem#3 at NIIT
Earlier there were numerous languages to deal with. However, since the advent of C, there has been a major drift towards C. Further, with the growing awareness of object-oriented concepts, the emphasis shifted to C++. The further development has been the advent of Visual C++. This growth has to be studied from root-causes through the identification of various products, parameters, concepts, etc. This study has to be carried out by the group.
Compare C++ and Visual C++ listing advantages and disadvantages in specific application contexts.
C++ vs. Visual C++
Position: 5th Speaker
& Group Leader
Sem#4 at NIIT
Same as #3
Same as #3
(with MS PowerPoint Presentation)
Sem#1 at Deakin
Multicultural Project Team
In partnership with
Anish Babu S C Pillai
(with MS PowerPoint Presentation)
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